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2016. It is upon us.

It is filled with opportunity. Chase your dreams and achieve all you set out to do.

Spend 2016 becoming a more marvellous person. You have genuine value. You are worth appreciating, powerful beyond your imagination and can achieve what is important to you.

During the year, one of the greatest leadership challenges you will find is leading yourself. Stretch to full measure and you will be surprised at what you can do. Without limits life is full of opportunity.

Begin with reflection. In the space of quietness, you will find that which makes you happy and the goals you want to achieve. Pay attention to what you love doing. Your heart is the best compass you have.

Don’t doubt yourself. These are not the products of accurate thinking. Keep yourself motivated. You are your Chief Encourager.

Twenty sixteen should be the year to act. The law of diminishing intent says, the longer you wait to do something, the greater the odds that you will not do it.

Start today.

  • Make new, fresh, better and healthier decisions. You may not change your destination overnight but you certainly can change your direction.
  • Be bold, and take measured risks. There is magic in boldness. Don’t limit yourself. There’s always a way. You just have to find it.
  • Plan. A plan creates a track to run on. Act. Don’t overthink. Over-analysis leads to paralysis. Trust yourself and start. You can always course correct later on.
  • Be disciplined in achieving your New Year’s resolutions and year goals. Stay consistent. The secret of a person’s success is found in the execution of his daily routine.
  • Stick to the tedious exercise routines and those early mornings agendas till they become habitual. Habits are the daily battlegrounds of success. Keep going despite the lack of immediate results. All things are difficult before they become easy.
  • The loss of a trade-off is usually felt long before the gain. Persevere. Everything looks like failure in the middle. Success is camouflaged in hardship.
  • Actively remove bad traits. These never go away by themselves. It is always an undo-it yourself project. It will make a world of difference to your life and make you reach your new destination faster.
  • The tough days will visit. Success comes not from holding a good hand but playing a poor hand well. As Richard Noxin said, “Adversity introduces man to himself”.
  • Spend time being kind to others. Ensure you extend grace to yourself as well.
  • Celebrate more often. If nothing is good enough to celebrate, you will lose heart. Holidays, events and family functions should go on the calendar first.

Rarely does quality life just happen. It must be created and constructed with conscious thought, caring and desire. That’s what shapes a great life.

Arrive at a better destination, by taking a new path.

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  1. Quanita Aesop

    Writing down your goals helps as well. But thanks for this. Just what I needed to hear to get my year started on a high.

    Thanks for amazing products too.


  2. Natalie Williams

    This is the reason Fusion Labs is one of the most coveted brands in beauty, health and lifestyle.

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