The world is a big, exciting place. Bangkok, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro…

Travel, Holiday, Vagabond.

These should not be escapes. They should be part of your life. There may be some lows but that’s what gives the highs. With a constant high, life would only be a plateau.

You’re never too old to travel. As long as you’re healthy, you’re young. See the world, have fun and expand your mind.

You will be amazed by what you find along the way, the people you meet and the experiences you enjoy. There are times when it will be wildly beyond your imagination. That’s what we should seek out. Experiences, that fill your memory bank.

The road is open, so too keep your mind. Unleash your curiosity. Don’t limit yourself or you’ll miss too many opportunities. Don’t formulate expectations about a specific destination beforehand.

Just feel the moment. Life is a billion moments.

Be grateful for your experiences. Nothing has value without appreciation.

You need to make that leap. If you have dreams it’s your responsibility to make them happen‏.

Travel, you will grow with every new stamp in your passport.

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  1. Michelle Taylor

    Amazing. You guys always keep it interesting and look at things differently.

    I always thoughts “getting active” was only about exercise. Fusion put a lovely new spin on it.

    Love reading your blog.

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