The thought of a weight loss journey can be daunting.

When establishing a diet we need to change old habits and implement newer, more beneficial ones. These include learning the mechanics of weight loss, scheduling time to the desired objective, goal setting, course correcting, exercising consistently and continuously replenishing motivation, amongst others.

An important aspect to modify when initiating a diet is our mindset. We are a product of our thoughts and therefore seeing nutrition in a positive, healthy light makes dieting, less intimidating and easier to embrace.

Changing an eating regimen can do wonders for weight loss. Eating balanced meals with portion control is a part of that puzzle. Often, people don’t realize it can be that simple. Yes, the difficulty here does lie in the simplicity.

When changing our diet, we may not always find the right one, right away. Be patient and give yourself the time to experiment with a few.

It is too often that people start a diet and because it is too strict and limited, they quit. To decrease the chance of this happening, we recommend going on a good diet – a diet that may not initially be, perfect.

You don’t need to eliminate all the carbohydrates and sugars in the first week. The fact that your diet is planned, well balanced and healthy, is good enough and a bold start. With structured leniency you will be more likely to stick with the diet for the long run, therefore making it sustainable.

The flawless diet is not always faultless. If you restrict yourself too heavily, you will be more likely to abandon the diet.

So when you are ready for your weight loss journey, know that you do not have to do everything perfectly. Just start. Take the first step. Begin with a diet that is comfortable, guilt free and that has longevity to it.

The good diet you follow, is better than the perfect diet you quit.


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  1. Ronel van der Linde

    You guys are great – I am very impressed with the professional customer service that you provide.

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    This company really understands customer service. Ordering from you leaves me satisfied and content because I get more than what I bargained for.

  3. Catherine de Wet- Fitness Athlete

    This is a really good article with very useful suggestions. At the end of the day we need a balanced lifestyle. Starting small by having one less glass of wine at night or changing from coke to coke zero/light, even using a side plate instead of a dinner plate to eat off is already a step in the right direction towards healthier alternatives with portion control.

    A lifestyle change takes time to achieve but once adopted you will never look back! 😉

  4. Bill Geiger

    Thank you.This has been supportive to me. Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.

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