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Your Body and Beauty Need Luxurious Sleep.

The team at Fusion Labs has reviewed stacks of clinical literature, run tests, and even tried it ourselves. We created Duo Calm to help you get a better night’s sleep using the finest natural ingredients.

• Chamomile

• Valerian Root

• Magnesium Glycinate

• Vitamin B6

These natural ingredients delivered in the perfect combination promote natural sleep and calmness.

Sleep is vital for your body’s health. Calmness allows your mind to be clear and can even help you live longer.

Duo Calm is 100% natural and brought to you by the health and beauty experts at Fusion Labs.

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Rest up. Sweet dreams!

UFC 240

” I love how my hair and skin looks with Fusion Labs Products.”

Cris Cyborg
UFC Featherweight Champion.
Ranked the #1 P4P Female Fighter in the world by ESPN
Undefeated in MMA for over a decade
3 x 145lbs World Champion!

Cris Cyborg

“I first heard about the luxury hair and skin supplements by Fusion Labs from a friend. Since starting their program I feel so much healthier and can really notice the differences it is making in my skin!”

Cris Cyborg
3 x 145lbs World Champion
UFC Featherweight Champion
Undefeated in MMA for over a decade
Ranked the #1 P4P Female Fighter in the world by ESPN


Fiercely aligning with the Empowerment of Women, world-wide

Fusion Labs, the internationally-recognised health and nutritional supplement brand is honoured to have signed world-renowned combat fighter Cris Cyborg as their brand ambassador.

One of the greatest female fighters of all time, Cris has held the title of World Mixed Martial Arts champion for 13 years, with accolades including Female Fighter of the Year & UFC, Strikeforce and Invicta Featherweight Champ. She is ranked Number 1 ‘Pound for Pound’ female fighter in the world by ESPN.

Fusion Labs is a brand that promotes peak health through formulated high-end multi-nutrients, while supporting optimal physical and mental health. Joining the ranks of other big brand sponsors such as Mitsubishi and Monster, Fusion Labs aligns with the positive values and motivational endeavours of Cris Cyborg whose Instagram account has attracted over one million followers.

Brimming with positive energy, Cris sees challenges as opportunities. She is determined, hard-working, and strives to be the best at everything she does. Cris expresses the personality traits of the authentic woman of today: Unfazed by adversity, she is independent, yet approachable; friendly, on top of the world, and successful.

In the same way that Fusion Labs aspires to improving the lives of individuals through its product offerings, Cris involves herself in community upliftment projects such as the funding of water wells in Uganda.

Fusion Labs is proud to be associating with the powerful attributes that Cris Cyborg embodies as an international role model. Fusion looks forward to a synergistic relationship that will help optimise lives by unlocking and maximising personal potential – in particular the empowerment of women.

Cris fights next in Canada on 27 July 2019 and has based her fight camp in South Africa. Fusion Labs will be supporting Cris in her drive for optimal pre- and post-fight conditioning.


For more, visit:

@criscyborg / @fusion_labs_online



Science-backed Radiant Skin.

The luxury skin care supplement that delivers results.

With Dermagen, we have developed a revolutionary, multi-layered approach to restoring and reinvigorating skin. Each carefully selected ingredient has been specifically chosen for its restorative and protective function to combat the toll that life and the natural aging process, takes on our skin.

By precisely identifying the nutritional needs of our skin and the necessary nutrients needed for optimal skin health, Dermagen delays the visible signs of aging and gives radiance and life back to skin.

What sets Dermagen apart is that it is more than the sum of its parts. Dermagen’s scientific formula has been carefully created to produce absolute synergy, allowing each nutritional element to perform optimally, while stimulating the body’s circulatory system to create the perfect conditions for rejuvenation.

Dermagen is the culmination of years of intricate scientific research. Every aspect of Dermagen from development to production and, most importantly, in its visible results has been driven by our commitment to absolute excellence.

Discover our powerful, natural ingredients or take the time to read the testimonials to see how Dermagen is giving the gift of radiant, glowing skin to so many people.


Daphne Joy

“Absolutely love having the best skin and hair products. I’ve seen a major difference since being on month two of @fusion_labs_online luxury skin and hair pills. Try them out, you won’t be disappointed.”

Daphne Joy